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Mission Statement

Girls in STEM strives to encourage more females to pursue careers in male-dominated STEM fields in the future by ensuring that they can succeed in STEM classes today.

Above the Clouds

In Girls We Trust

Our organization's motto is very representative of the future of STEM-related careers in the United States of America. In recent years, more and more females are entering into STEM fields with projections showing that this number should increase even more as Generation Z and Alpha begin entering their vocational lives. 


In recent years, the world has begun to rely more and more on the innovations provided by STEM careers. Thus, as more females undertake STEM careers, the more dependent we become on them, lending to the basis of our motto: "In Girls We Trust". The girls of today will be the scientists and engineers of tomorrow.


We believe that the cultivation of interest in STEM should start at a young age. Early issues with STEM-related classes lead to disinterest or even hatred of STEM in later life. As a result, Girls in STEM wishes to help young students work out these issues early on so that their interest in STEM does not fade as they grow.

Above the Clouds

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Above the Clouds
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